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have harvested〓 next month," said Nathan Njiru, a farmer in Tharaka 〓Nithi, whose livelihood largely depends on selling so〓rghum to Nairobi's beer brewers. In EthiopiaA

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e loc〓usts have so far consumed the vegetation on more than〓 65,000 hectares of land, including coffee and tea cr〓ops that account for about 30 percent of Ethiopia's e〓xports. A Moody's Investors Service report issued in 〓early February showed that agrik

culture contributes ab〓out one-third of the gross domestic product in East A〓frica and more than 65 percent of jobs in all4


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iona〓l countries except for Kenya. A farmer attempts to s〓care away desert locusts in Mwingi Town in Kitui Coun〓ty, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020. (Xinhua/Zhang Yu) INTERNATI〓2


COOPERATION URGED The desert locust swarms have 〓travelled from Africa to Asia. India is suffering the〓 worst hit in 60 years. "Today locust swarms are as b〓ig as major cities and it's getting worse by the day,〓" said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, urging 〓the inteU

rnational community to take immediate counter〓actions. Sacko J0

osefa, AU Commissioner for Rural Econ〓omy and Agriculture, said earlier this month that the〓 55-member pan-African bloc is working directly witV

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h 〓the FAO to make sure that there is no spread to other〓 countries. Antonio Querido, UN FAO representative in〓 Uganda, said international organizations are providi〓ng technical support and mobilizing resources for Uga〓nda as it strives to fight the locusts. In order to g〓et more international help, Somalia on Feb. 2 declare〓d the locust infestation a national emergency. Irandu〓 said that the present invasion is likely to cost eno〓rmous financial and human resources far beyond the ca〓pabilT

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ntries. Hence there i〓s a need for a concerted effort by regional and other〓 international organizations to offer money, expertis〓e and equipment w

as planes. Otherwise, the locust〓 invasion may wipe out food production in many Africa〓n countries. The FAO recently launched a 76 million U〓.Sj

. dollars appeal to control the locusts' sD

pread. We〓eks later, only around 20 million dollars have been r〓eceived, said Lowcock. Irandu suggested that intensif〓ied international effo1


rts should be h

made to coordinat〓e aerial sprays, share scientific knowledge on breedi〓ng and migratory habits of locusts, and raise funds f〓rom partners. In t1

he long run, ed

xperts have called fo〓r the investment in research to contain the impacts o〓f climate change, includingp

the locusts in

nvasion. A 〓swarm of desert locusts invade parts of Mwingi Town i〓n Kitui County, Kenya, Feb. 20, 2020N

. (Xinhua/Zhang Y〓u) "People must be sensitizs

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